Spending time outside gives you more than just a good change of scenery. It can help you relax and see things differently. Plus you’ll get a good dose of fresh air and vitamin D (if the sun’s shining).

Also, if you’ve been having trouble sleeping (lots of people do when they’re feeling stressed or down), getting outside can help your sleep in a few different ways. If your body is tired from getting out and about, you’re more likely to sleep.

When you’re experiencing the awesomeness of nature it can take your mind off the things going on in your life because you’re absorbed in catching the next wave or just enjoying the sun on your face. This is called mindfulness which is a really helpful tool for combating worrying thoughts.

Aotearoa has everything you could want when it comes to the outdoors. You can head to the beach, bike in the bush or just chill out in a park.

Pick a place where you’ll feel safe and relaxed. If you’ve got a friend who could be up for a bit of nature, invite them along too. There’s no shortage of space.