When we’re anxious or stressed, our breathing tends to get shallow and fast. To relax, we need deep, slow breaths.  Breathing is the key to relaxing. Try this exercise:

  • Lie on your back somewhere comfortable (and safe!)
  • Put your arms by your side and your legs out straight
  • Close your eyes
  • Breathe in for 5 seconds. Push your stomach out as it fills with breath, almost like a balloon inflating
  • Hold it for 5
  • Breathe out for 10 seconds, blowing out through your lips like you’re blowing out candles on a cake. Feel your tummy go down again
  • Hold for 5
  • Repeat 12 times
  • Listen to the sound of your breathing
  • Repeat a couple of times today – or whenever you get really stressed.

You might also want to try this app ReachOut Breathe – it helps you monitor your heart rate and control your breathing to reduce some of the physical symptoms of anxiety, or this Deep Breathing tool - it helps you with deep breathing which is a calming technique. 

Nice one. It helps to take things one step at a time. So, get into this and check back afterwards for more.
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