When you’re feeling low there’s nothing to be thankful for, right?  Well, that depends on how you look at things. If you look for the bad things in the world, you’ll find them. But what about the things you can be grateful for?

It doesn’t matter how small they are. It might be a good sleep in, a hot shower, knowing the answer to a question, or some good kai. If you look hard enough the positives are there. It’s just a matter of spotting them.

And once you’ve spotted them, take a few seconds to really appreciate them. We spend our lives mindlessly doing stuff (like zoning out in front of the TV), and that’s OK sometimes. But to get the best gratitude bang for your buck, it’s important to stop and think about what’s so cool about the thing you appreciate.

Scientists have done studies on this. Noticing and actively appreciating the tiny bits of life makes us happier, less stressed and have more energy.  Grateful people actually have lower levels of depression. It’s a fact.

Once you start to notice good things (whatever they are and no matter how small they might be) you may end up noticing even more good things in your life.

That’s got to be worth having a think about. 

E tūtaki ana ngā kapua o te rangi, kei runga te Mangōroa e kōpae pū ana – ‘The clouds in the sky close in but above them extends the Milky Way’. No matter how bad things get, there’s always something to be thankful for.