’He tina ki runga, he tāmore ki raro’’ - Contentment above, firmly rooted below.

This Whakatauki guides us by saying that those with a good whānau foundation and proper grounding in their own culture and heritage will find greater satisfaction and contentment in life.

So why not work on understanding the past so it can give you more strength for the future? It might also help you to identify your values and what’s important to you. 

You could start by:

1.     Find out what country, tribe or ethnic group your family is from

2.     Research their history online or visit a library

3.     Explore the music, art and literature from the culture for inspiration

4.     Search for local clubs or events to experience your culture

5.     See what made that culture unique – is it something you relate to?

6.     Try the food from your culture – ask your relatives if they have any good recipes

Nice one. It helps to take things one step at a time. So, get into this and check back afterwards for more.
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