Some days life really sucks. No reason. No explanation.

Don’t freak out: it’s OK to feel down sometimes. Everyone has times when they feel tired or low. Tomorrow is a new day and you might feel brighter and more on top of things.

But if your bad days are dragging into bad weeks, you could be getting stuck because of something more serious, like anxiety or depression.

It helps to know what issues you are up against. To try and put your finger on it, have a think about the times you’ve really noticed feeling blah. Ask yourself these questions:

1. Where does it happen?
2. When does it happen?
3. Who is involved?
4. What really happened?
5. Why does it upset me?

Look at your answers and try to find a common theme. Then, take a look at the sections on this site to see if you connect with any of the problems. The self-tests on this site can also help you check how you are feeling. If you still can’t nail it down, try some of the things that help you stay strong, talk to others in the forums, watch some videos of other teens who have got through some tough times, or talk to an expert.

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