Nobody’s life is perfect. But how you choose to behave, think, and approach things can make a big difference to how you feel. It isn’t about faking happiness regardless of the situation, or about believing life is perfect all the time - that would be pretty unrealistic. It’s actually about focusing on what’s good about a situation and looking at the bright side instead of just the negative.

Everyone has their moments when being positive seems pretty impossible to do, and some people always find it harder than others.

But everybody can learn how. And it’s worth the effort.  It’s a matter of noticing thoughts and looking at how useful and true they are. You can find yourself getting stuck or caught up in the negative ones, and not paying any attention to the rest. Try to notice and pay attention to thoughts that will help you to do what you want to be doing.

So try not to think

  • I’m koretake/useless at everything
  • No one cares about me
  • I can’t do my homework
  • I’m worse than everyone else

Try thinking

  • I’m OK at that
  • Yeah, I’ve got people who care for me
  • I can do some of my homework
  • I can do that better than others

It’ll take some time to teach yourself to be more positive. But the more you find the good in things the easier it is to keep your mind off the worry track and get through the tough times.

He ahiahi pokopoko, he ata hī tore – ‘As the fire is extinguished, the light of dawn shines through.’