School seems to be all about grades, right? And everyone says the only way to get there is studying and working hard.

They expect you to do more and more, until it can feel like there’s just too much to do. All of these things can add up:

  • Pressure to meet deadlines
  • Expectations to get good marks 
  • Keeping up with your classmates
  • Getting behind if you’re sick or absent
  • Changing to a new school

And if the studying isn’t enough, there’s all the other things you gotta fit in; mahi/workwhānausports or music. Even when it’s stuff you love doing, it can all start overloading you.

Even if they don’t show it, everyone gets nervous about exams or big assignments – believe it or not a bit of stress can help you do better. But if you’re freaking out about failing so badly you can’t even think, you might be experiencing anxiety.

Or maybe it’s already got you feeling like a failure. In that case you could be dealing with depression.

They might not seem like they understand everything you’re going through, but parents and teachers totally know how it feels to be overloaded. Talk it through and see if they can help you take some pressure off.

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