When life sucks even the things you used to love doing might not do it for you anymore. That’s what depression and anxiety can do. But you’ve got to try and push through.

Even though you might not fully love doing it at the time, if you keep doing or practicing the things that you used to love doing, it could remind you of why you loved doing it in the first place. This  can actually help you start enjoying it again.  

Hopefully you’ll find that once you start doing stuff you enjoy, you’ll begin to enjoy other things as well. It also helps because you’re looking out for good feelings (and therefore less likely to get stuck on negative thoughts).

 It’s also a really good idea to plan something to look forward to, like a night in watching a movie, or a catch-up with a mate you haven’t seen in ages.

Most people who are feeling down notice lots of negative thoughts about their ability to do stuff. Doing what you used to love (even if it doesn’t feel as good as it used to at first) can start to give you little pieces of evidence that things aren’t as bad as they seem.

It might be tough at first but don’t be too hard on yourself - kia kaha. Just put aside a little time every day to give it a shot.