What happens when I call or text The Lowdown – who do I talk to?

When you contact us, your text/e-mail will be answered by an experienced staff member, who will ask you a little bit about yourself and your situation so they can find the best way to help you.

If you TXT or email us, we will work with you to find the support you need, we might ask about your feelings and what is happening for you, but our trained staff are there to provide a safe space for you to share and they will give you the time and space that you need to talk if you want to.

 Are the calls/texts confidential?

Everything you say is confidential. We do not pass information on to any external organisations or family members except in dangerous situations where we are concerned that there is a high risk that you or someone else might be harmed. In these situations we will attempt to work with you first to do this.

When I call/text The Lowdown, will I get the same person I spoke to last time?

Our team of experienced staff work 24/7 and as such you are not always guaranteed to get the same staff member, but be assured all The Lowdown team are highly experienced and can help you.

What time can I call/text The Lowdown?

The Lowdown is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, so you can contact us anytime.

What do I do if I can’t get through to you?

All texts will be answered, there may be times when we are busy but please be assured we will reply to you as quickly as we can.

Can I get someone from The Lowdown to call me back?

We don’t do telephone for The Lowdown, its just text or e-mail.

 Is any of the conversation from my text/email to The Lowdown recorded or kept?

Our staff collect basic information (gender, age, ethnicity (if you choose to tell us) and the general issues that people contact us about, e.g. ‘relationships’ or ‘school’. We collect this information so that our team knows the type of calls we are getting across the country and can make sure our staff have the resources they need to best support you.